The Morning Bull Show acknowledges that George does some stupid things in life – like unloading the “abandoned” cart at the EVERYTHING IS A DOLLAR STORE, only to discover a lady had left it while she went to the restroom.  So while George is dumb sometimes, we also recognize that there are actually people who are “DUMBER”

FIRST STORY:  Is about a deal too good to be true – Betty Tamihana found a deal online at a fraction of the normal price – so she immediately bought it – but then it didn’t show up – which is an issue with buying things online.  So she called police reported the drug dealer.  Yep, Police said it was almost too good to be true when she called in and reported it.  They are still looking for the online dealer but the lady has been arrested because she is “STUPIDER THAN GEORGE”

SECOND STORY:  An Uber driver from New Haven, Connecticut was arrested Jan. 9 in connection with allegations he tried to use a rider’s credit card.  Police say he might have gotten away it – if he hadn’t placed an online order for $519 worth of Viagra.  David J. Walker will be tried later this week – but police say it likely be a STIFF sentence.  Because David is “STUPIDER THAN GEORGE”

If you ever see a story (or do something) that you think would be great on STUPIDER THAN GEORGE – email it to us at


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