By George

It’s time for MISSED CONNECTIONS – With the POWER of The Bull, we feel we’re uniquely qualified to help those who weren’t able to make their love connection happen.  We looked through the postings on Craig’s List and these were postings that caught our eye…

GEORGE:  Seeking idealist. Like-minded Destroyer of Catch 22’s  – age: 33

I am a thinking person who likes working with his hands, and finding ways to apply his ideals. A logical person, with a quirky since of humor, hopefully not too crazy nor cute to handle! 😛  Seeking thinker idealist girl who desires to apply her ideals and has a similar since of humor. 

I also like Anime, Gaming, Paintball (participating in), If I ever get a hold of a paintball launcher again, be afraid! Be very afraid! For I will light you up PINK! Something about decorating the other team in pink paint is just so amusing.

I have a strong desire to make ideals a reality…and I have SOME IDEAS!!


MO:  How Big Were Her K-Cups

I’m thinkin this will get dudes to the grocery store and get ladies to keep their dudes away from the grocery store…

I’m an older guy and you are a BEAUTIFUL younger woman, probably late 30’s, and I saw ya at the HEB in Summerwood.

We saw each other in passing on at least four isles. Our eyes met each time and we smiled at each other and would nod, I would get weak in the knees each time.

FINALLY we met when we both stopped at the K-cups.  You reached across, between me and the shelving to get a box of cocoa, saying it sure would be nice to snuggle up in a blanket with nothing else on with someone and a cup of cocoa and see what happens next. You made sure to touch me [inappropriate details removed from story] and I was dumbfounded, surprised, flattered, confused, and stupid!!

I watched as you walked away, looking back as you disappeared.  I didn’t follow you, I didn’t get your number, all I did was think to myself, this was not real.

On the very very outside chance that you will ever see this, if you want to have that cup of hot chocolate cuddled up under that blanket, forgive me for my stupidity and please make contact.

Now that you’re sweating.  Hide your husbands!  ❤ Mo


COWBOY DAVE:  Flying hearts at the Flying J!

This past Saturday was the kind of day that had birds singing and the smell of bacon when I woke up… and considering that I live alone, I thought I’d better grab a shower just in case that smell is me! Since my maintenance man has yet to fix my water heater… I strolled on over to the Flying J to rinse off in one of their “long haul trucker washin’ showers”!

I walked in and the showers were completely full on the ladies side… so as I checked the men’s side I noticed that they were empty… so I took the opportunity… half way through I heard someone whistling Labamba and I said “hello?”… you responded with a manly “Howdy Mamacita”… I slowly opened my shower curtain to see YOU standing there wearing only flip flops and a work shirt that said… Blake- Rotation and lube specialist… and lemme tell you something… that’s exactly what you are sir! If you’re seeing this… reply with how I said goodbye and what I left you with!

Playful in Porter



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