By Cowboy Dave

This time of year always brings the waterworks out for a lotta men… especially me! For some reason we tend to think of our families and feelings more when the temperature drops, it’s gotta be some kind of science or biology reaction right? Or am I just a big ol’ baby? It’s science… gotta be!

I was sittin’ on my couch in my Captain America pajama pants eatin’ a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch  watchin’ “Boy Meets World” on Tuesday… they run about five episodes of that show every night and I DVR ’em!

I was watchin’ the episode when Shawn’s dad dies… and damn it I cried like a little girl! What the heck? I’m a 37-year-old man… But I’m not alone! I found the TOP 5 movies that make men CRY, check it out and DON’T lie… it’s ok y’all, this is a safe zone… no judgment hahaha! Let it all out

Field of Dreams


Marley & Me

Saving Private Ryan

Old Yellerarley & Me Saving Private Ryan Old Yeller

Did I miss any? Come on man… don’t leave me hangin’ here!

Happy Thanksgivin’ my friends- Cowboy Dave


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