By George

It’s time for MISSED CONNECTIONS – With the POWER of The Bull, we feel we’re uniquely qualified to help those who weren’t able to make their love connection happen.  We looked through the postings on Craig’s List and these were postings that caught our eye…

George:  Short Guy, BIG Feet

I was walking through a mall Saturday afternoon when you and another guy (I guess a buddy of yours) crossed my path and walked into a store. Your buddy seemed balanced out but man you had some really big feet for being as short as you were. You had glasses and a shirt/jacket on, shorts though it was kinda cold, and really big Nikes on those feet.

I really doubt you see this, but on the extremely slim chance you do let me know what stores you guys went to in what mall, and you could send a pic (wink, wink) of your Nikes too so I’d know it was you.

Mo: Marching Ban Mom

I understand that music can bring a special bond between lovers. This lady said…

We locked eyes at the Montgomery/Woodlands HS football game. You are in the marching band. We saw each other as you were walking up the stairs of the stands. You stopped and looked at me for what seemed like an eternity. I also saw you the following week when the team played at home in Montgomery, but you didn’t seem to notice me. My son is a senior so I feel like this is my only hope for getting in touch with you. Tell me what instrument you play.

I’m all about calling out a creeper, but did it have to be a MOM?! You’re embarrassing me. ❤ Mo

Cowboy Dave: You Captured My Heart (and More)

So I’ll get straight to the point. I saw you Friday night at the intersection of Meuschke and 290 in the Cypress/Fairfield area! I was in my brand new Silverado feelin GOOD so pulled in to Buccees to get some Beaver Nuggets and Trail Boss jerky… I could tell you noticed me by the way you followed me in… you were so close to my bumper I knew you meant business and I thought to myself… Christmas came early Curtis… as I put that bad boy in park and reached for my Preferred Stock for a little squirt squirt of smell good… you opened my door and pulled me outta that Texas Edition Truck with the strength and passion of 3 grown men! I was expecting to get a kiss but I got handcuffs and pepper spray instead! I woke up this morning in the drunk tank.. .still lovin you! Ms Officer Lady… once I get outta jail for stealing that truck… I’d like to meet up… I know I felt a connection other than from your car door!



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