By Nick Russo

One thing is for certain, Miranda Lambert is different. She’s not the shiny lights and disco balls, she’s not the daring outfits and pinky up, she’s not just rhyming words that sound good together. Her music can be defined as poetry more than most artists. It’s as much about what she says as how she says it.

The album, Weight of These Wings, is a double-disc so it’s going to take you a little bit of time to listen to the entire piece of work. From the opening two songs you can see that she’s going to go to the dark depths of artistic emotion and back to the sunlight within minutes.

By the time you get to the first single, Vice, you’re fully invested into the rest of the album. Stories you may have heard or judgements you may have made about her personal life begin to swirl as the first half of the album concludes and she sends you into the second with a song called, Tin Man. It’s not a leap to believe that if Vice poured ingredients to the story on the table then Tin Man started mixing the ingredients.

Weight of These Wings doesn’t stay down for long; perhaps, another piece of Miranda’s personality emerging through her music. As she makes her way through the second half of this masterful album you begin to hear Miranda’s independence reveal itself. You hear how she went back to her roots, her true inner-self, the place where she became herself.

This new album will take it’s listener on a true journey through Miranda’s life. “Like a caged bird, rarely set free, forgive me, I’m finding my ways.” If you haven’t bought it or streamed it yet then you should really set some time aside to listen to it. For the unconditional Miranda Lambert fan the album may bring them to tears. For the unconditional Country Music fan, the album will remind you of days past. For everyone else, if you want to know why people love Country Music, the album will answer all of those questions.

Weight of These Wings will go down as Miranda Lambert’s finest album. It’s a true tale of pursuing your goals, encountering love, experiencing heartbreak, moving on, finding one’s self and making peace that you can only control so much in life.

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