Winter Storm Update: School Closures
By Kyle King

We all know that one of the biggest issues in the last mayoral race was the pension issues the city and our firefighters. Well Mayor Turner has proposed his latest plan that includes changes in employee pension benefits and the sale of a billion dollars in pension bonds.

As of this moment, the HFD union has NOT signed onto the deal, but the city and police union’s have¬†conceptually agreed to the restructuring plan.

I have a few friends who are firefighters and police officers. I hope they get the best possible deal on this. Especially after we saw a few lose their lives in that nasty 4 alarm fire. And this isn’t JUST about those that put on the uniform or run into a burning building, it’s also about making sure their loved one’s are taken care of. My wife know’s that when I leave for work, i’m coming home unharmed. Unless I spill coffee on the control board, then the engineer’s will have me beaten. But significant others that have officer’s and firefighters in their lives don’t get that luxury. Let’s hope this get’s taken care of sooner rather than later. These guys and gals deserve it.

-Kyle King

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