By George

Time for our “CAN I GET AN AMEN” story of the day!  At “THE MORNING BULL” we believe in the power of positivity.  We believe there are more good people than bad in the world, and we believe that goodness should be celebrated when you find it!

Sera Clements emailed this AMEN story.  Sera, from right here in Spring wanted a Camaro.  A classic, so she searched online and came across a 1991 T-Top Camaro that had been completely restored, brand new liners, wheels, tires, a rebuilt engine with only 2600 miles on it.

The listing said the guy selling it only wanted $3,000 for it.  Sera said she   knew that price was a mistake.  But, she called the guy and he assured her the price was only $3000.  Then he told her why.

He said he’d had the car for years and when his son had gotten older he decided to fix it up for his son to have when he turned 16. For almost two years, he worked on it and then would save up for parts and work some more.  He his son even helped him and built that father/son bond even stronger.  Well, when his son turned 15, the boy was diagnosed cancer.  And now, a year later the dad just wanted the car  gone.  That is why he only wanted $3000 for the restored classic.

Sera, who’s younger sister had passed away from cancer, was nearly in tears but summoned the courage to ask about his son. The dad told her, his voice breaking, he needed the space in the garage because his son had beat  his cancer and they had just bought a brand new Camaro for his 16th birthday.

Sera emailed me this story and I was reading – saying NO NO NO out loud as I read it…but it did indeed turn out to be an AMEN…

So where ever you are in the kitchen or in the car…can throw your hand in the air, “CAN I GET AN AMEN” for this Dad & Son… Always focused on the good news, and if you ever see a story that would make a great Amen story – like Sara did – email it in at


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