By Cowboy Dave

I’ve spent my entire life living in the HUGE shadow of my dad’s pepper eatin’ skills! I LOVE spicy food and I LOVE jalapenos and a nice variety of other fire filled peppers. My dad though… he is on a whole other level of pepper fascination… he will sit and eat his dinner with a raw habanero and sweat and turn beat red while he’s chompin’ on that pepper!

He claims to get a euphoric feeling from the heat and he’s absolutely RIGHT! Experts say that some people do get a type of “high” from the chemicals that make the peppers so dang hot. I’ll grub on fresh jalapenos all day… but something hot enough to change the chemicals in my brain? Nope haha
I thought my dad was crazy until I read about this guy outta California.

A 47 year-old man decided that he was gonna chow on a pepper burger that is loaded with some of the world’s hottest peppers like the ghost pepper! Well it didn’t work out so well for him after he ate it… he tried to kill the burn with 6 glasses of water, didn’t work! The heat hit him so hard, his esophagus was badly damaged, when the water failed to calm the heat, the guy started to vomit so violently that he had to dial 911.

The normal treatment of antacids and painkillers didn’t help… his pain got worse so they wheeled him to the operating room and found a 2.5-cm tear in his esophagus! That’s INSANE! I really dig the hottest of the hot… but there’s always that next level of insanity and sometimes it hurts! No pain no gain? I’m not sure what this guy gained from this… be careful y’all! Impressin’ your buddies isn’t worth rippin your throat out Roadhouse style!

Cowboy Dave


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