By George

It’s time for MISSED CONNECTIONS – With the POWER of The Bull, we feel we’re uniquely qualified to help those who weren’t able to make their love connection happen.  We looked through the postings on Craig’s List and these were postings that caught our eye…

George’s Missed Connection:

HEB DIRTY DADDY – Hello!!! I had just rolled out of bed Saturday Morning and put on some yoga pants and tank top to pick up a few items at HEB. You noticed me at the cereal aisle. You asked me what flavored oatmeal I preferred and then you said i should probably head home or I may find trouble, you smiled and licked your lips. I told the same to you since you wore only thin basketball shorts. Guess it’s true what they say – HERE EVERYTHING IS BETTER…Thank you!!! I’m not looking to hook up. Just wanted to say thanks for making me feel hot! 

Ohhhh I think she does…..

Mo’s Missed Connection:

I LOVE Dairy Queen but I’ve never done any husband hunting.  Guess I need to try Baytown like this lady.  She says…

“A few days ago I was eating lunch at the Dairy Queen in Baytown and you walked in to order yours.  You’re a 30-something, short hair, gray polo…total hottie.

I might be amagining [translation: ‘imagining’] it, but I think you noticed me staring at you. You got your food to go and left in a big white pickup. You seemed to know the manager, so I decided to have lunch there the following day. And I’d be danged if you weren’t back!  This time, you were in black.  I’ll eat the DQ every day hoping to talk to you.

If you read this and see me, your Baytown cowgirl, come over and say hi! I’m orderin’ the footlong.”

I really wanted to help her out until the end.  ❤ Mo

Cowboy’s Missed Connection:

Is your husband’s name Jay?

As I left my man last night and kissed him goodnight to go to work at the Walmart on 249 and Spring Cypress like I have for the last 2 years… I noticed that he had forgotten his lunch so I doubled back… only to find MY man getting into a brand new F350 and driving away… I followed him to a big nice house in Champions Forest and 2 kids ran outside yelling “HI DADDY”… I’m sorry I reacted the way I did… but you’ll find a rather fragrant gift in your mailbox this morning… it was VERY hard to do and I apologize… but seriously… we need to talk! I feel like you may be THE OTHER WOMAN!

Concerned in Spring!


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