By Dorian Valenzuela

Chris Lane is one of the up and coming stars that has been gaining momentum with his popular hit single ‘Fix.’ Chris recently released a new single, ‘For Her’ from his new album ‘Girl Problems’ and has been touring with the likes of Dustin Lynch and Rascal Flatts!

At these shows people have noticed that it seems that there are two Chris Lanes on stage, the one singing and the one playing the drums. No, they were not seeing things, the drummer happens to be Cory, Chris Lane’s identical twin brother!

Lane has discussed in the past that people get them confused all of the time and that he gets tagged in pictures often on social media of people claiming to have met him, when in reality, they met his brother! Often times I am able to tell who is who when I meet identical twins, however, the Lane brother really do look like the same person!

Take a Look for yourself:

Chris Lane

Cory Lane

I would have to interact with them on a daily basis to tell them apart! They have always took advantage of the perks of having a double, here they are dressed alike auditioning for America Idol a few years back – you may cringe a little!

Check out Chris Lane’s new music video ‘For Her’ Below:


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