By George

It’s time for MISSED CONNECTIONS – With the POWER of The Bull, we feel we’re uniquely qualified to help those who weren’t able to make their love connection happen.  We looked through the postings on Craig’s List and these were postings that caught our eye…

GEORGE:  Beauty in a polka dot dress at the Toyota dealership in Katy –

You were wearing a black and white polka dot dress,  I was wearing a black and white button-down shirt, orange pants and blue shoes. I ran into you at the Toyota dealership and you smiled at me. We talked for a minute before they called you to pick up your car. Afterwards, I looked around for you but you were already gone…

(George: she ran away cause she thought you were a creepy clown)

MO:  “To the cute guy at the gas station.  You gave good service. And now I regret not giving you a chance to hang out. I told you I’m going through a breakup and you said you understood it’s bad timing for me.  But now all I can think about is letting you play the guitar for me.  Let’s reconnect.”

(Mo:  I think we can reconnect these two, but I’m wondering how on Earth they covered SO much info during one trip to the gas station. Breakups and guitars and wow!  ❤ Mo)


With the world the way it is… I never thought I’d find love! I’m a single, 32-year-old man living with the first ever true love of my life… my wonderful mommy! I spend most days investing my time and money in the art of war in World of Warcraft so it leaves me very little time to leave the field of battle to search for my fair maiden! That is until you showed up… right there on my doorstep! The gods sent you to me like a potion from Legend of Zelda… I was smitten with the air of Ork… that’s a love potion… I never thought ordering the new update for Final Fantasy from Game Fly would cause my level 16 warrior soul to melt like the smelting of the blacksmith of Oden! Yet it did… if you’re ready to merge our powers for the greater good and save this heart and the fairies of stone from the goblins of Windork… slide your hand through my mail slot again and this time… I shall holster it in my callused battle born hands!

Sweating in Sealy

Can You Buy “Air Of Ork” at the Macy’s perfume counter?

It’s MISSED CONNECTIONS with The Morning Bull


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