By George

First – Cowboy Dave, Houston’s “Drive Thru Gastronaut”, has this drive thru review this morning!

img 2476 MORNING BULL:  Now THESE Are Cheat Day Meals & Both Involve Cheetos [VIDEO]

If y’all haven’t had Burger Kings Cheeto’s chicken fries… you’re robbing yourself of one of life’s little joys! Crunchy… cheesy… dreamy and sexy! Lemme explain… it’s essentially Burger Kings regular chicken fries which are scrumdittilyumptious anyway… but you roll em around in a pile of crushed up Cheetos dust and all the sudden your fingers are covered in not only that greezy fried chicken goodness… but tasty sexy orange Cheetos magic stain… and if you’re like me and married to a woman that finds gooey orange Cheetos fingers as appetizing as a chocolate covered strawberry… well… you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not spending that $3 on a food that puts the AWWWWE YEAH back into your relationship! Crunchy… cheezy… and cheaper than any enhancement medication… Go and get yourself some Burger Kings Cheeto’s chicken fries and Cheetos mac n cheese sticks and eat em in front of your wife and watch what happens!

and then we also saw this Cheeto’s, Mac & Cheese and Pulled Pork Pizza – CLICK HERE & get the recipe

Not sure if We’re excited or grossed out by these – which would you try?



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