By George


First Story:  A 59-year-old New Jersey man has been charged with lewdness after wearing a bikini that he fashioned from plastic wrap on a local beach. The Beach Haven Police Department arrested the dude after he had spent two days on the beach “wearing a homemade, clear plastic wrap (man-kini) bikini.  Witnesses said it was like looking at a package of chicken necks at HEB.   The guy has been charged with lewdness and public  indecency because he is “STUPIDER THAN GEORGE”

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Our Next Story comes from Austin, where a dude was pulled over shortly after midnight on a week ago Monday.  Police had spotted him swerving, so they pulled him over when he told cops he’s only had two 20-ounce beers several hours earlier.  Police asked him to do the sobriety test where individuals do the “walk and turn test,” – police say that’s when he began dancing the Texas two-step.  However, the guy had two previous DWI convictions and was taken into custody.  So for two-stepping he’s brilliant, so driving under the influence he is “STUPIDER THAN GEORGE”

(and even though there is no video of this arrest – we imagine it looked something like this – originally posted in 2012)



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