Jason Aldean Says “No More Excuses For A Ringless Hubby”!

Author: Mo

Jason Aldean is madly in love and no matter where he is or what he’s doing…he wants everyone to know it.

How many times have you heard a husband say he’s not wearing his wedding ring because he’s playing sports or his ring is unsafe while he’s working.  I get it!  BUT…yall’ve got no more excuses.  And you can thank Mr. Aldean (or maybe his wifey).

Jason keeps his traditional wedding ring tucked away for safe keeping, but while he’s out being a man doing normal award-winning country singer things, he wears a rubberized version.

Jason keeps his ring finger safe.  He says, “If I’m hunting or whatever and it gets hung on something, it will just rip the [rubber] ring off.”

Genius!  He says the rubber ring, “…won’t rip your finger off.  It’s comfortable. I can play sports or do whatever, and it doesn’t scratch my guitar.”

Forget the excuse that he lost it.  Jason keeps a variety of the silicone bands.  The rings cost $20-$25 a pop and come in a variety of designs, including camo and purple sparkles. They have an outdoors collection as well as athletic options.  The company Jason loves is called Qalo and you can check them out on Jason’s hand as he continues his Six String Circus tour.

❤ Mo

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