By George

Time for our “CAN I GET AN AMEN” story of the day!  At “THE MORNING BULL” we believe in the power of positivity.  We believe there are more good people than bad in the world, and we believe that goodness should be celebrated when you find it!

Do you believe in “right place at the right time”?  There are many who are skeptical.   Patty Ris, age 87, may have been one of those skeptical folks – that is until recently.  Patty, who is a resident of Duepree House – retirement living in Cincinnati, was having dinner and chatting with her friends.  She noticed someone different was seated at her table, but didn’t really take time to introduce herself.  The first course was served, then came the main dish – it was hamburger night.  Patty was eating her burger – when she became choked. No air in or out, Patty was panicking and the folks around the table started yelling “Heimlich, Heimlich” – but this time they weren’t shouting instructions on what to do – they were calling out the Dr. Henry Heimlich was seated right next to Patty.

Dr Heimlich, now 96 years old –  knew what to do instantly. A couple of thrusts quickly forced the food out, and Patty was fine after drinking some water. The entire incident lasted less than 10 minutes.

The Staff at Duepree House say Dr. Heimlich is quote “PRETTY SPRY FOR AN OLD GUY”.  He swims and gets daily exercise.  And while hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide have been saved using it, this is reportedly ONLY the second time the good doctor has used his technique since inventing it in 1974

And even though Patty has never met him before he saved her life – she did write him a thank-saying “God put you right next to me for a reason” . and just to be on the safe side, The very next night, Heimlich’s dining companion was Patty yet again.

So where ever you are…throw your hand in the air… “CAN I GET AN AMEN”… – Focused on The Good it’s the Morning Bull with George, Mo and Cowboy Dave!


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