MAMA DRAMA: Dog Pees On Purse At “Bring You Dog To Work Day”

Author: Mo

Mama Drama (Wisdom of the Herd):

Mama Drama happens when I get e-mails and FB messages asking for advice.  I love reading all the messages, but we stink at giving advice! or

Today’s note says:

Hey Mo!

I love my job and my boss is always coming up with fun events and activities to keep us motivated and bond all of us together as a team.  A few weeks ago our boss decided to host a pet day in the office.  We were allowed to bring our dogs to work as long as they were of good temperament.

I don’t have a dog, but lots of my co-workers brought in their pups and their beds so they could spend the day cuddled up by our cubicles.  It was all fine and dandy until I got peed on.  Well…my co-workers puppy took a pee on my purse. 

(Photo WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images)

I laughed about it…because what else do you do?  But it got weird when my co-worker didn’t do anything about her dog.  She apologized and brought me paper towels, but she never once offered to buy me a new purse or pay to have the pee purse cleaned.

Now, things are awkward in the office.  She won’t look at me and I’m super annoyed because I know my grown children

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