By Nick Russo

Today was the world premier of the brand new single from Miranda Lambert called, “Vice.” From the first listen I couldn’t help but feel for Miranda. The song will trigger your wildest imagination and most inquisitive assumptions due to the sheer relationship we have with her private life.

(WATCH: Miranda Lambert’s First LIVE Performance of “Vice.”)

The elephant in the room is that we all have some sense of understanding of what she’s been through over the past year or year and a half. This is our first musical message from her side of the story that we’ve seen/heard.

We’ll be playing it on 100.3 The Bull plenty and we know she’s been working on a new album so hopefully we can get our hands on lots of new music very soon! In the meantime, check out the lyrics to this new, powerful and intriguing record for out Queen of Country Music.

Sting of the needle droppin’ on a vinyl

Neon singer with a jukebox title full of heartbreaks

33 45 78

When it hurts this good you gotta play it twice

Another vice…

All dressed up in a pretty black label..

Sweet salvation on the dining room table waitin’ on me

Where the numb meets the lonely

It’s gone before it ever melts the ice

Another vice, another call, another bed, I shouldn’t have crawled out of

7am shoes in my hand said wouldn’t do it but I did it again but I know I’ll be back tomorrow night.

I wear a town like a leather jacket when the new wears off I don’t even pack it

If you need me I’ll be where my reputation don’t precede me

maybe I’m addicted to goodbyes 

another vice, another town, where my past can’t run me down. another life, another call, another bed I shouldn’t have crawled out of, 7am shoes in my hand, swore I wouldn’t do it but I know I’ll be gone tomorrow night. 

Mmmm another vice.

Standing at the sink not lookin’ in the mirror

Don’t know where I am or how I got here

Well the only thing that  know how to find is another vice.

The beauty of music is that in it’s rawest form, it’s art. Miranda is among the BEST songwriters in the world and this further proof. Her ability to provoke thoughts, emotions and reflection through song is unmatched. The song is beautiful but the lyrics are dark and quite frankly, a bit sad.

Not sad as in, “What a pitiful sight” but more of a “that makes me sad” because nobody should be faced with those feelings. Truth is, everyone faces them.

Now, the variable is that one could invest thought into the idea that the story is two fold. One being a reaction to a situation and another maybe being a depiction of a situation. I draw your attention to the first line “Sting of the needle on the vinyl.” The only way to experience the music is to apply the needle, the stinging of the needle, the experience was worth the pain.

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