By Nick Russo

That 21 year wait to consume alcohol can seem like eternity. The closer that day came the further away it seemed and then all of a sudden you realized there wasn’t much left to look forward to besides paying for your own insurance, paying bills, paying taxes and navigating an intoxicated dating lifestyle.

Chances are, you were getting friends to buy you drinks or you had a “cool” parent who let you drink in your home. Either way, these are the top 10 alcoholic drinks that people drank before they were legally allowed to drink!

  1. Smirnoff Ice – Boy, do I remember when this came out. I was a teenager and the first time I tasted it I thought I was sippin’ on lemonade! You could have poured it in a glass and I’d never know the difference. Ironically, this was the first time I got drunk when I wasn’t supposed to and mom had to come pick me up from the dance hall. (Sun Valley Ranch for those who care. It was in Victoria, Texas.)
  2. Malibu Rum – I wasn’t a fan but I know plenty of girls who would brag about adding Malibu to their slushies from the convenient store.
  3. Captain Morgan – Everybody always wanted Captain Morgan. I know I’m not the only one with friends who would start posing like the captain as they got drunk on this stuff.
  4. MD 20/20 – Mad DOGGGGG. Whew. I had one night where I drank this stuff and couldn’t get past the cool colors. Let’s just say they’re way prettier going down then coming up.
  5. Boone’s Farm – (Mom don’t kill me) I had a friend buy me two bottles of this stuff on my 18th birthday (Strawberry Hill) and I drank them both in about an hour and a half. Needless, to say, I was in bed by midnight.
  6. Southern Comfort – A little so-co and lime will get you every time! This was one of those liquors that always ended up at the party. Nobody ever knew who brought it but it left folks praying to the porcelain Gods.
  7. Goldschlager – Oh no. Let’s not reenact these days. I just know that our group could take several of these bad boys in one night and not feel it until closing time.
  8. Everclear – Cue the Roger Creager song. I only dipped my tonsils in this stuff twice. Both times were not pretty. I was between 18-21 and knew right away this was NOT my lane.
  9. Hypnotic – Yeah, this mixed with Hennessey makes an “incredible Hulk” and there is nothing incredible about the way you feel after downing this bottle of sugary baby blue brain cell killer.
  10. Zima – We have to credit the graduating classes of the 90’s for this drink. It was the “pre-Smirnoff Ice” days and I remember seeing people drink them with Jolly Ranchers in them.


Did your liquor make the list? Let me know which poison you picked before you were legally allowed to pick! Follow me on the links below!


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