The Legacy of Merle Haggard: Hundreds of Unreleased Songs [New Music]

Author: Mo

When we lost Merle Haggard on April 6, we lost one of the iconic voices in country music.

But new information is making us feel a bit better.

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Taste of Country website released a story yesterday that claimed new tunes may be just around the corner.  The show “Broadway’s Electric Barnyard” said that in an interview late last year Merle told them he had “probably 300, 400 songs that I haven’t released that I’ve collected over the years.”

“We call it ‘the archive,’ and we haven’t released anything from that,” Haggard explained. “When I get unable to record or sing anymore or get killed or something, well, they’ll probably put it out.”

Last year – Merle and Willie released a new album called Django and Jimmie. But there was no information on what new collaborations may be among the new songs.

Also, Merle’s management had no word on when the new music might make their way to a release date.

Taste of Country also noted:

Haggard passed away on April 6, 2016, his 79th birthday, after a series of health struggles. Since his death last week, several artists have paid tribute to the legend including George Strait, Jake Owen, and Tim McGraw.

Haggard’s son, Ben, said that his father predicted he would die on his birthday.

“A week ago dad told us he was gonna pass on his birthday, and he wasn’t wrong,” Ben wrote on Facebook. “A hour ago he took his last breath surrounded by family and friends.”

“He loved everything about life and he loved that every one of you gave him a chance with his music. He wasn’t just a country singer,” added the singer’s son, “He was the best country singer that ever lived.”

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