By Cowboy Dave

It looks like a lot of us have been doing it wrong for YEARS! Think about it,  a lot of things, if that’s the way mamma did it that’s just the way we do it. Right? We don’t even question it or think about it.

It’s time to find the truth y’all haha… mamma was WRONG! Check it out… here are 15 items that we’ve been putting in the refrigerator for our whole lives… and it never helped keep the food fresh… not even once!



I swear, if I were to tell my mom that the bread goes on the counter and not in the refrigerator… she’d blow a gasket! Turns out… just leave it on the counter or in the bread box and you’ll be fine.


Garlic stays good for dang near forever… it just gets better with age. Don’t wait months to use it.. but you don’t have to put it in the ice box right away.


If you put your spuds in the cold, science happens! Something with the starches turning into sugar.


The best way to store a tomato, in my experience anyway… is to put em in a window seal in the kitchen and let the sun hit em just a little. They will stay nice and ripe.


More science happens here, the cold makes things get all mixed up wit hthe flavor.


I used to think that putting honey in the fridge would make it last longer… turns out… it just makes it thick and hard to use.


If you go to the grocery store, you’ll find the butter in the refrigerated section close to the milk and cheese. Have you ever noticed that when you go out to eat breakfast, the butter is always left out? Me neither… some do and some don’t… turns out, butter will last just fine out of the fridge and it will be a LOT easier to spread… nice and soft. My buddies mom NEVER put butter in the fridge and I always thought she was crazy.


Why people put ketchup in the fridge, I’ll never understand. You don’t have to… it’s full of vinegar and will last just fine in the pantry.


Apples will stay fresher and stay crisp if you leave em out.


Mustard is a natural preservative and keeps just fine in the pantry… just like when you’re out to lunch, it stays on the table.

Ground coffee

Folks have kept coffee in the freezer for years and it turns out, it doesn’t help it keep at all. It stays fresher in a room temp cabinet.


If you want your tasty sweet treats to go stale… then put ‘em in the fridge. Otherwise, keep ‘em soft and fresh on the counter.

Hot sauce

My dad always said “Don’t put the salsa or hot sauce in the ice box… it makes it taste funny… turns out, he was RIGHT! The cold changes the flavor.


Any fruit with a BIG seed inside will rot pretty fast in the fridge… leave ‘em out.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is thick as heck already… putting it in the cold just makes it harder to spread. If it’s not in the cold section at the store… leave it out! Peanut butter is SO much better at room temp. The fridge doesn’t help it last longer either.


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