By Mo

So y’all know I am kind of addicted to the shopping convenience that is, yea?  I order everything from Amazon.  I don’t even go to the store for shampoo anymore.  So I was BESIDE myself yesterday when I read the ultimate news:  PRIME NOW just launched in the Houston-area.

What’s Prime Now?  It’s an app you get for your phone and it’s linked to your Amazon Prime account.  There are over 30k products available through Prime Now and they can be hand-delivered to your home within an HOUR.

Why is this awesome?  Example: You’re a busy mama, you run out of diapers and don’t want to throw all the kids in the car to go to the store, so you have a new pack of diapers delivered to your house WITHIN THE HOUR.

Orrrr you’ve pre-heated the oven, you’re baking and you’re out of milk.  Don’t turn the oven off to go to the grocery.  Open your Prime Now app and have milk delivered to your doorstep WITHIN THE HOUR.


It launched last night in the Houston-area and I was in the middle of organizing my closet so I ordered more hangers.  I was VERY excited when a squad of Amazon employees showed up at my house to deliver my hangers and to congratulate me on being the first Houston resident to use the new Prime Now feature.  The Amazon man asked if he could have the brown paper bag that he’d delivered my hangers in so they could frame it, II won a gift card, we took celebratory pictures and my neighbors probably think I won a big check from Publisher’s Clearing House.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

❤ Mo


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