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Apple Crosses The Line With New iPhone Feature

If you’re setting yourself up to get the new iPhone or get the new iPhone for your kids then you need to make sure you’re aware of the new features. This is something that needs to be shared with friends to let Apple know sneaky behavior will NOT be tolerated. According to Gawker, the new iPhone will be recording video and sound AT ALL TIMES when your camera app is open by default whether you’re taking picture or not. If you’re planning on getting the iPhone 6s BE SURE TO TURN THIS FEATURE OFF.

To me, this means that from the time you turn it on and start using it your calls, conversations and life will be captured and recorded. With this as the default setting it means you will need to be 100% sure you’ve turned the feature OFF before you start using it. If you’re not tech savvy, I’d have a talk with the salesman that you buy your phone from and have them show you how to turn off the feature.

From Apple’s website they claim, “People love to take pictures with iPhone. In fact, it’s the most popular camera in the world. But what people love even more are the memories that are preserved within those images. Those memories are now incredibly vivid with Live Photos, an entirely new way to bring your still photos to life.”

Live Photos? Yeah, I’m not too cool with that. I’d like to be fully in-charge of what my phone records, thank you very much.

Gawker claims, “Apple announced yesterday, will be set by default to automatically record a constant stream of sound and video whenever the camera app is in use, without the user pressing the shutter button and even if the camera isn’t set to take video.”

In addition to the privacy invasion of the default setting of “Live Photos” and recording happening without you realizing it…these new “Live Photos” are also going to take up a ton of space on your phone. I’d venture to guess that this new feature will also be a battery drainer to boot.

Either way, make sure you turn OFF the LIVE PHOTO feature if you’re getting the new iPhone. Consider yourself warned.


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