Mo’s Bull Sheet: Sorry Houston Traffic, You Can’t Stop Everyone!

Author: Mo

Sitting in Houston traffic is seriously the worst.  Have you ever been stuck in traffic when you desperately have to use the bathroom?  You’re convinced you’re going to have to go in your car.  Well sometimes you’ve just gotta let it all go!

A Lake Jackson couple were driving on Beltway 8 trying to get to Pasadena to the Bay Area Birthing Center.  Tell me you see where this story is going…

The man driving decided to turn his GoPro on his wife while they made the journey to deliver their baby.  About a minute into the video the woman screams, her water broke, she let it ALL go.

They didn’t make it.  Not only do they have a Beltway Baby…that little rascal was 10 FREAKIN POUNDS.  Oh heyyy there baby boy, Josiah!
I’m happy to report that just five minutes after the too-good-to-be-true birth, the trio arrived safely at the birth center.

If you can make it through watching the video to the end, you’ll get a good laugh because this daddy has got jokes.  “So I wonder if we still have to pay for using the birth center?”

Congrats to the tough mama and her new addition!

❤ Mo

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