Carrie Underwood Breaks Hearts, Records, And Into Cars!

Author: Mo

Been there, done that.  We all know desperate times call for desperate measures.  I have, in fact, broken into my own car.  Sometimes you just can’t wait for help to show up.

Carrie Underwood couldn’t wait!  She broke into her own car over the weekend to save her baby boy, and her dogs. Carrie’s dogs had accidentally locked not only themselves but her five-month-old son inside the car. So she broke the window in order to get them all out safely.

For most of us, it’s very entertaining to think of Carrie Underwood breaking into her own car.  Did she use a brick?  Did she wrap her fist in a t-shirt?  Our imaginations ran wild until later in the day when Carrie clarified.

We’re glad everyone is ok!

❤ Mo

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