Hey you, Crazy Coupon Cutter – Mark Your Calendars!

Author: Mo

Everyone loves a good deal!  Sales and coupons and don’t even get me started on Black Friday.  Black Friday is supposed to be THEE day when every business has the best deals for customers, but everyone’s favorite online shopping destination wants to be #1.

Yesterday, Amazon made a big announcement that has bargain shoppers in a tizzy.  Ok…tizzy is an understatement.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary next week, Amazon is hosting what they are calling a “global shopping event, offering more deals than Black Friday”… only to Prime members…called Prime Day.

July 15, next Wednesday, is the day when new and existing members will be able to take advantage of major deals starting at midnight, with new bargains popping up as often as every 10 minutes.

I’m a bit conflicted.  Should I take the day off from work?  How am I going to drive anywhere?  I might miss a deal if I’m not by my computer.  Guess they got me.

❤ Mo


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