Mo’s Bull Sheet: JJ Watt’s Heartbreak

Author: Mo

I don’t know how we’re going to break the news to JJ WATT.  JJ’s favorite super dude, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a little bit fraudulent and Arnold admits to it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger claims…he can speak perfect English.

67 years of doing something one way I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t change either!  The action star says he plays up the accent for the fans.  He says ‘It’s now become such a big part of me, that people really enjoy it.’

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

The Wall Street Journal posted an article featuring Arnold.  He told them when he was first starting out his name, his voice and his physique were roadblocks.  But now, they’re his greatest assets.

He said, ‘It proves that perception has changed. In the 1970s, people were frightened of the German accent. People said it gave them goosebumps.  Now I have the most imitated accent. It’s a trademark.’

I think it’s safe to say JJ can keep imitating the best.

❤ Mo

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