The World’s Obsession: Jurassic World – All Because of Eric Church

Author: Mo

The biggest opening weekend in the US, the highest-grossing opening worldwide and the first film to gross $500 million worldwide in its opening weekend…Jurassic World is doin’ HUGE things and it’s all thanks to Eric Church.  But Eric probably has no idea!

Ok, so Velociraptor and Chris Pratt are the real stars of the billion-dollar blockbuster.  Right?  I can’t say who Velociraptor uses as inspiration, but Chris Pratt thanks Eric Church for his mojo.

Pratt is on the cover of the current GQ magazine and says in his interview that all of his ideas and approaches were combined into a mantra that he would repeat to himself just before the camera rolled.  He’d say: ‘Flow core, no TC, volume up point five, Eric Church.’  That’s quite a mouthful, but I can break it down…

Flow Core = reminds him to keep good posture, like when he’s paddle boarding.

No TC = reminds him to “lead with his forehead”.  He says as a “former fat man” he always remembers this so he never ends up with TC aka triple chin.  Hilarious!  🙂

Volume Up .5 = reminds him to make his voice slightly louder.

Eric Church = reminds him of Eric’s song ‘Dark Side’ that Chris Pratt listened to over and over.  He said it helped bring out the darkness in his Jurassic World character!

❤ Mo

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