By Mo

Dang Little Dogs!  I live with one.  My five pound yorkie, Bug, has a lot of bark…but very little bite. SO I loved when I saw this story this morning of mini rescue pup, ROSIE. A family saved Rosie’s life and then last Thursday, Rosie saved her family.

Rosie’s human daddy, Dwight said he’s a sound sleeper, he sleeps with earplugs because he works nights.  He’d just returned to their home in Hardin after finishing the night shift and he was sleeping in his home until around 10:30.  Rosie started barking outside his bedroom door…she was barking the way she does when there is an intruder.  So Dwight got out of bed and that’s when he smelled smoke.

Rosie’s actions allowed Dwight get out of the house quickly!  He called the Fire Department and the firefighters were able to get to the home within a few minutes. As a result, only the attic suffered major damage.

The family has always considered Rosie a good burglar alarm. Now, they consider her a good fire alarm as well and she’s currently reaping the benefits…she’s getting spoiled more now than ever before.

❤ Mo


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