Mo’s Bull Sheet: Ben And Jerry’s Truck Prowlin’ Blue Bell Terrority

Author: Mo

The Ben and Jerry’s ice cream truck made its way around Houston yesterday.  They were promoting their #TexasChurned tour.  And they made it very clear…TEXAS: they are not trying to fill Blue Bell’s shoes!

Yesterday, Ben & Jerry’s was testing barbecue peach and the bourbon pecan pie flavors.  Fans can vote on which flavor will roll out locally.  I’ll take both please!

The Ben and Jerry’s Texas Tour manager said they’ve been distributing in Texas for 20 years and that the company would never swoop in just because of the Blue Bell tragedy.  That’s not why they were visiting!

The CDC said yesterday that the Blue Bell Listeria outbreak investigation is complete, but it will be a while longer before you’ll see product on the shelves.

❤ Mo


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