Mo’s Bull Sheet: Help Me Catch A Bad Guy!

Author: Mo

I LOVE getting mail!  Snail mail is an old art.  It’s sad that no one sends letters anymore, but we still know the thrill of getting mail because we get everything delivered!  Getting packages in the mail is SO fun.

Unfortunately robbers also love stealing packages, but Houstonians are NOT going to sit around and let that happen.  The spike in online shopping has caused a spike in mail theft.  Rude criminals are going to your home, when you’re probably working hard at your job, and they’re stealing packages from your front porch.  These crimes are happening in every neighborhood, every day and there isn’t a whole lot you can do if it happens to you.

One Houston woman was no longer going to take it.  She set-up a surveillance camera on her front porch and eventually caught a thief in action. The man looks right at the camera before swiping a package off her porch. So what did the homeowner do?  She decided to publicly shame the guy.

She printed up flyers with the thief’s picture, clear as day, in order to embarrass him.  Now homeboy’s face is all over the place. The flyers said, “You all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your Internet purchases, because this guy is robbing everybody out here.” And it’s filled with tons of jabs at the thief.

It’s funny, but also effective. In a neighborhood dealing with package thefts, these flyers are turning heads. Police say he’s still out there but hasn’t struck again. But neighbors are ready if he does. If you have any information on this man, call Houston Police.

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