Every day is Taco Day!

Author: Mo

One of the BEST parts of moving to a new city is getting to try all new restaurants!  I’m obsessed with all the food options that Houston has to offer, especially the tacos.  I’m loving the new restaurant trend that involves unusual tacos.  I can totally get down with carnitas and queso, but then when I see ahi tuna and spicy mayo all wrapped up in a taco…my mind is blown!

(Photo by Fabiano Silva/Getty Images)

I was super excited to see a Houston restaurant featured on my favorite travel magazine’s website for one of their strange tacos.  The restaurant, Fusion Taco, has a location at 801 Congress Avenue and a food truck you may see around town.

I’ll be heading over to check out their Thai Grilled Chicken Satay taco.  Who doesn’t love peanut sauce?

Great…Now I’m starving.

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