Mo’s Bull Sheet: OhNoOreo!

Author: Mo

You dunk them in your milk, twist and enjoy.  Not sure why we’re messing with the originals, but it seems like every other day I’m reading about the new version of Milk’s favorite cookie.

They have a cult following and they make people…including our boss, El Jefe, crazy!  Oreos.  You’ve seen the limited edition flavors like Cotton Candy, Watermelon (vomit!) and most recently S’mores.

(Photo by Getty Images)

It looks like Brownie Batter Oreos will be the next new flavor to hit shelves. The new chocolate-on-chocolate flavor was spotted at the Sweet & Snacks Expo last month.  Yes…that’s a thing.

Close your eyes and think of the last time you licked a bowl full of batter…Brownie Batter treats must be everything you just imagined.  Guess we’ll see!

❤ Mo

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