[Video] A Kid’s Crazy Imagination: “Mommy, there’s an alligator in the yard!”

Author: Mo

We love kids for their innocence and imaginations.  But how many times have you zoned out listening to a little nugget telling a story?  After reading this story this morning, I’m going to start paying a little more attention.

A 9-year-old in Montgomery County is known for his big imagination so no one believed him when he tried to tell them there was an alligator in his front yard. His mom finally looked out the window and spotted the 9-foot, 250-pound gator! The hefty alligator was removed by Wilderness Animal Control but not before attracting quite the neighborhood crowd.

I’m learning it’s common for gators to leave their swamps during heavy rains and during the mating season.  In fact, this gator over the weekend is the seventh call the local animal control group received since the recent rain we’ve had. This is the first one that was in someone’s front yard.

Let’s all remember when you come across a wild animal you should always alert authorities first and don’t forget to stay away!  Wild animals are dangerous and will defend themselves.

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