Houston Home On Sale For $150 – SERIOUSLY!

Author: Mo

I don’t know the last time I had a homework assignment on my weekend schedule, but this weekend I’ll be writing an essay.  I’m not trying to earn a good grade…I’m trying to win a two-bed, one-bath house in the Heights.  I really want to win, but I guess I’m upping the competition by telling yall about it.  Oh well!  Game on!

The home is valued at more than $300,000, but interested buyers need only submit a 200-word essay—that’s only like half a page—for a chance to buy the home.

The owners Michael and Stephanie said they just wanted to try something fun out.  They plan on making back the money they would have earned by selling the house because submitting an essay costs $150.  They’re expecting thousands of applications (they’ll need to receive 2,000 to break even) but they promise to read them all!

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