By Nick Russo

Let me start by saying I think there are exceptions to every rule so if you feel like one of these types of women describes you and you don’t think you’re bad news…then you might be right. It’s impossible to classify every woman into 5 categories but these are just some to be on the look-out for….kinda like the wet floor sign in a convenient store.

1) The See-Saw Friend – From grade school we’ve seen this phenomenon…you know, where the two are friends one day and then the next they hate each other and say terrible things and then the next Monday they’re best friends again? Yeah, that’s a sign of trouble. It just shows that her feelings are all over the spectrum! First, it’s a sign of immaturity and second, it’s borderline bi-polar syndrome. Also, this shows that when she’s mad at you (if you two get in a relationship) she’s going to say terrible things about you until you “get back together”.

2) Night Owl – I’m not saying the night owls of the world are impossible to date but the later she is accustomed to being awake the more you’re going to have to be able to hang. I mean, if she’s up till 5am every night and you’re’re never going to be able to sleep knowing that everything is fine. Sure, you can be trusting but let’s just say that the ones who are up till 5am every day are likely NOT getting into anything worth a damn.  Not to mention, they’re probably going to sleep away most of the day.

3) The Bar Fly – Now, trust me, just because she spends a lot of time in the bar doesn’t make her unworthy of a relationship but if that’s where she finds solace…there may be deeper issues there. I mean, she’s turning to the bottle and the bar to find companionship and that’s always a tough place to be! Especially, if you’re trying to find a relationship. The guy who changes her ways will have to be more addicting than the free shots she’s used to getting.

4) The Taken Woman – If she’s already in a relationship and she’s trying to flirt with you…BAD NEWS. Remember, if they cheat with you they’ll cheat on you! Whether she’s admitted to being in a relationship while flirting with you or she admits to eyeing you while in a relationship…whatever the case…keep your warning radar on because this is not good. She’s got a wandering eye and she’s letting you in on the truth.

5) Too Much Fake – I think the limit is 2-3 alterations. Once she’s gone past 3 changes of her appearance…this is a sure sign of caution. Fake boobs, fake butt, fake eyelashes, fake lips and heels? Watch out guys! What was the one word that stood out? Yep. You don’t need all that plus it generally comes with some major insecurity issues so unless you feel like playing Dr. Phil for the rest of your life…don’t take this one too seriously!

6) Odd Tattoo Chooser – Okay, I know tattoos are more popular than ever before. Heck it’s different to not have tattoos these days! However, tattoo placement says a lot about judgment because….they’re permanent. A few places that send red flags are the thighs, the neck or the face. Also, it’s the content of the tattoos. If she has a quote that is more than 3 sentences long….be careful. If she has a skull randomly on her body…inquire before moving forward and if there’s a name of a guy who isn’t her son or dad….be prepared.

7) The Traveling Socialite – It’s common for women to do a lot of traveling. Especially, if she has a good job that sends her to different cities for meetings but if she’s always traveling to far off cities and doesn’t have a job that she can tell you about…be weary. In today’s world, women are getting paid for getting laid and they’re going to major cities on the dime of sugar daddies to get it done but at the end of the day they still want a normal guy to make them feel normal..don’t be a sucker! Unless you’re fine with some loaded 60 year old guy snuggling with your lady once a month..keep it moving.

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