By Nick Russo

Google loves to put together these charts to show what people are searching for in each state and they have put together the list of which recipes were googled the most in Texas. This is the list from most googled to least, according to the New York Times.

1) Sopapilla Cheesecake – Seriously, I’d never heard of this but I LOVE sopapillas….especially with some sugar and honey on top…and I LOVE cheesecake…this sounds spectacular. I want one. Okay, I want two.
2) Broccoli Rice Casserole – This sounds like something traditional but I have normally seen green bean casserole. Oh well, serve it up and I’ll eat it!
3) Millionaire Pie – Graham cracker crust, some fruit and whipped topping filling and some pecans…sign me up.
4) Buttermilk Pie – I sure am seeing a lot of deserts! I’m starving now.
5) Pea Salad – “Please pass the pea salad Pamela.” Try that tongue twister.
6) Cajun Fried Turkey – Me and my family have had this one on several occasions. Friendly Tip: Be careful when putting the turkey in the grease…follow ALL the instructions and don’t burn your house down.
For the full list and to see what other the other 49 states are searching for click HERE.


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