By Nick Russo

Is there really anything more tempting than a fresh bowl of macaroni and cheese?! No seriously, your mouth is watering right now and I don’t blame you. That was my goal! Here’s a few things you maybe didn’t know…or forgot…about the cheesy delicacy!

1. Macaroni and cheese is ranked as the NUMBER 1  recipe in America! Americans love their cheese melted over soft macaroni!

2. Every 12 weeks, ONE-THIRD of the U.S. population will eat macaroni and cheese at least once and half of all children in the U.S. will eat M&C during this same time period. It’s a dish that never gets old!

3. For the past 30 years mac & cheese has been in the top 10 list of American comfort foods.

4. 63% of mac and cheese lovers prefer cheddar cheese.

5. It was in 1993 when Crayola introduced “Macaroni and Cheese” as one of their colors. No, it didn’t taste like it. Typical wax flavor of crayons.

6. Kraft introduced Mac & Cheese in 1937! In their first year they sold 9 million boxes. I’m betting it was rough for that delivery guy!

7.  Kraft sells one million boxes PER DAY.

8.  The first known recipe of macaroni and cheese dates back to the 13th century from Southern Italy. It was originally made with sheets of lasagna and fermented cheese.

9. If you’re trying to have some wine with your cheese..the recommended wine is Burgundy wine.

10. It was in 1802 that macaroni and cheese got it’s first boxed recipe and it was printed on a sheet of paper in the box that gave instructions on how to make it!


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