When you’re an overly sensitive path-of-least resistance guy like me, you tend to mess up a lot when it comes to these types of relationship things….With that being said, there are enough ways to screw up a new relationship without having someone dump you over your emoticons.

A new survey (talktalkmobile) asked people to name the worst texting mistakes people make in dating. Here are the top five . . .

1. Trying to break up with someone over text.

2. Resending the same text again if you don’t get a response right away.

3. Texting unnecessary small talk like, “Hey how are you?”

4. Using acronyms like LOL.

5. Typing “xoxo” at the end of every message . . . especially if the other person doesn’t do it. Or if you’re a guy. Please don’t text “xoxo” if you’re a guy.

text1 The 5 Worst Texting Mistakes You Make When Dating

The survey found the BEST things you can do are: Not texting other people when you’re on a date . . . not drunk texting . . . and responding to texts in a few hours or less.


Read the whole story HERE


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