By Nick Russo

It always sounds like a good idea until you’re in the kind of sticky situation you can’t clean up. While, for some, it may be difficult to harness the sexual tension between you and your boss it’s important to be resilient. Avoid situations where you might end up hooking up with them unless you’re not afraid of the repercussions.


1. It’s a sure bet to seen as MAJOR problem with HR. If they catch wind of the tryst it will all be over for one if not both of you.

2. Will you be able to keep the PDA’s to a minimum? I mean, you can’t be muggin’ down in the office so the only place you actually feel safe is at home? What if a coworker catches y’all out to dinner or snuggled up at a movie? These are hurdles you don’t want to deal with if possible.

3. This defeats the purpose of boundaries. The boundaries exist for a reason and they are crucial for a strong work environment. This removes all boundaries and can be a ticking time bomb.

4. Knowing they are your boss will create issues on the home front. They’ll always have something on you that could destroy you in the workplace. It’s a one-way street to the unemployment line if you act out of line.

5. You aren’t going to want to deal with your coworkers knowing you’re banging the boss and now probably receiving preferential treatment. This is never a good look.

6. Your entire career is on the line. If things go sour and you don’t end on good terms or don’t end up tying the knot it could spell a major disaster. They could give you a bad reference or perhaps hurt your escalation in your career field.




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