By Nick Russo

Have you ever wondered what “Airplane Mode” does to your phone? Did you even know that you had the option? Well, let me tell ya, I use Airplane Mode ALL the time! You can usually access it from your general settings and your phone probably has a shortcut to get to it but all phones are different! Find yours because you may need it!


1) Battery Saver – Let’s pretend it’s getting to crunch time at work, you don’t have a charger, you’re stuck at 17% battery and you’re thinking…”there is no way this phone is going to last till I can get to my car charger”….this is when you put your phone in Airplane Mode and set it down. Step away from the phone and have confidence that your phone will NOT die! Airplane Mode is like life support. It stops the transfer of data to and from your phone and this cuts battery usage down to just about zero! Your phone will last forever. 


2) Alarm Security – I use my phone as my alarm to wake me up for work every morning. If that phone doesn’t go off, I’m screwed. (I normally have a backup alarm, as well.) However, let’s say you don’t want to be bothered by friends calling you drunk at 2am or you don’t want to hear an annoying ping in the middle of night that might disturb your sleep…but turning off your phone doesn’t seem wise because you need the alarm and silent would defeat the whole purpose….put it in Airplane Mode! Your alarm will still go off and you won’t be woken up by any noises from your phone throughout the night. Let’s just hope your bestie doesn’t need to be bailed out of jail.


3) Charging Speed – Airplane Mode has some magical power that allows it to make your phone charge faster! Yes, FASTER! Because the transfer of data is stopped, your phone isn’t drawing charge it’s only taking it in! Try it and watch that battery thirst get quenched!


4) Socialization – Airplane Mode is a quiet killer. Not a lot of people know about it’s powers so you can use Airplane Mode as a conversation starter! Tell a random person about it when you hear them talking about their phone dying and instantly you’ll become their best friend! Trust me, it happened last night, that’s what inspired this post! Cheers to Airplane Mode!

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