Former federal law enforcement investigator Janine Driver is known as ‘The Lyin Tamer’ and is a lie detection expert. She claims there are

1. “He Sounds a Little Funny”

Liars alter their speech rates, meaning if your guy suddenly becomes a ‘fast talker’ or his speech patterns are hurried, that may be a clue he’s being untruthful. He may begin talking slowly, but liars tend to vary the pace of their speech. And pay particular attention to the pitch of his voice. If he tends to talk at a higher tone than his usual baritone level, that may be another clue of dishonesty.

2. “He Slips a Verbal Clue”

Men tend to repeat your question when they’re trying to create an answer that will pass the muster. Liars tend to start-stop their sentences too and will use present and past tenses in the same story to explain what happened. (“There are many that I didn’t—I hardly had any contact with her.”)

Liars tend to leave out pronouns from their speech, ( A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun for subject, object, or possessive cases ) because their minds are too concerned with creating just the facts. “I got up this morning, I called my mother, went to work, grabbed a bite with Jim.” Even though he may use pronouns up front, he’ll drop them when the truth of the story begins to changes

3. “His Face Flashes Contempt”

All humans share seven microexpressions—they’re basically hard-wired into our DNA to flash across our face. You can’t fake these expressions because they’re innate. When we see one of these “microexpressions” it’s our way of “mind-reading” the other of what they’re feeling.

Contempt is a half-smile and a smirk. Contempt shows another person, “I’ve justified my lie. I’m getting away with it. You’re a fool.” Chronic cheaters who think they’re too smart or clever use the expression of contempt a lot.

4. “His Body Is Trying to Run and Hide”

This is going to sound weird, but look at his belly-button. Where’s it facing? If he starts off facing you but then turns and has his torso pointing towards a door, that’s a sign of someone who wants out of the conversation.

Liars make subconscious efforts to disappear. Squinting, covering the eyes, face, or blocking may mean he’s trying to physically hide from you. Does he wear his cowboy hat or baseball cap too low? It’s not a sign if he does that every day, but if it’s new behavior, he may be trying to hide something from you.

5. “He Makes You Feel Off-Balance”

This is called “gaslighting.” “I never said that—stop making things up,” “How come you are always accusing me of horrible things?” and “What is wrong with you? You are so paranoid.” Gaslighting is manipulating (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.
If you reach the end of a discussion and you wondered what just happened or your reality and world feels completely turned upside down…this is another way liars try to control you.

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