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Dear Diary,

Sometimes just releasing everything you are feeling out into the world can make you feel a lot better. I was feeling pretty low and was trying to get out of my funk. I talked to Greg, Dave and Bobbie. When I got home I forced my self to work out.

I did some laundry, took care of some stuff around the house and then had my nails done.

It was a good day and getting stuff off my chest really made a difference.

I even packed a bag and threw it in my car to hit the gym today.

I am super excited as well about today. Today I pick up my Challenger. As much as I loved my Fiat, it is so nice to feel like people can see me in traffic.

Corey Foley

Corey Foley

Not too mention how dope the hemi is. I will have to be careful about watching my speed. A lead foot runs in my family.

Other than that no big plans for the weekend. Bobbie’s birthday is Monday, so I am have got to do some recon for that.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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