By Erin Austin

I found a piece of paper in the studio that said, “TOP 15 NAMES OF CRAZY PEOPLE.”  I’m not sure where it came from or if it’s even factual, but it’s fun and something that would be good to tease your friends about if their name is on the list.

WOMEN                                                        MEN

1. Ashley                                               1. Caleb with a “C”

2. Shannon                                           2. Mark

3. Melissa                                              3. Adam

4. Allison                                               4. Jeff

5. Rebecca                                            5. Tyler

6. Mary                                                   6.  Travis

7. Christina                                           7. Frank

8. Kelly                                                   8. Bradley

9. Victoria                                             9. Brandon

10. Stephanie                                       10. Mike (Michael)

11. Tiffany                                             11. Scott

12. Elizabeth                                         12. Eric (Erik)

13. Lindsey                                            13. Ryan

14. Andrea                                             14. Tommy

15. Heather                                            15. Matthew


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