By Cowboy Dave
(Photo Credit: Cowboy Dave/ CBS Radio Houston)

(Photo Credit: Cowboy Dave/ CBS Radio Houston)

The picture you see here is one I took at the last Texans game… pretty sad! If you’re like me and so many other NATIVE Houstonians… the day they start rippin’ down the dome is the day that ends an era! Honestly, it SUCKS…

I know that a lot of people want the 8th wonder of the world destroyed… but I ain’t one of those people!

Turns out… On December 8th, they start demolition on the four circular ramp towers that used to lead us all up to the best time you could have in Houston.

Looks like it’s the beginning of the end y’all… the 8th wonder of the world is being treated like a giant piece of trash! I know that a lot of people think of it that way… but I think of it as the location of countless memories with my dad watchin’ the Oilers and the Astros and the AMAZING Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Now… it’s a forgotten piece of the past!

There are a few people with more money than any of us trying to save it still… but they say that it ain’t gonna work!

If all of this is true… It’s like sayin’ adios to an old friend! Gonna miss the DOME…
I’m 100% a country boy… my 2 favorite bands are Hank Jr and Pantera… The Dome was the first place that I saw BOTH of my favorite bands. Pantera back in 1991 when I was 11! Random connection… The first time I saw Pantera was at the dome… and now they begin demolition on December 8th… the same day that Pantera guitarist and my hero Dimebag Darrell was murdered on stage back in 2004! Weird… sad!


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