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Brutal Truth: Will He Ever Leave His Wife For Me?

(Photo Created and Owned by: CBS Radio Houston)

(Photo Created and Owned by: CBS Radio Houston)

Dear Foley & Thunder,

“My ex coworker has always flirted with me at work but he’s married (obviously not happily). However, the chemistry is there. One day he snuck up behind me and when I turned around I almost kissed him… its electric. We have spent a lot of time together after work talking, nothing steamy. But he left for another job and it’s been 2 months since we have seen each other. He finally called recently and a few days ago we met up.

Long story short, we had “coffee” and it was just perfect. After, we  talked and he said that he’s seriously heading for a divorce but he’s just so busy and tired from his new job. Eventually, he promised he would do it. Do you think he could love me or was it a set up just to get my espresso. I think I am his motivation to proceed with the divorce…but I don’t know. Am I just the other woman?

Will he ever leave?”

She stayed anonymous and wouldn’t go on air, for obvious reasons of course.

We expected our listeners would be kind of harsh, although that wasn’t the case. Corey has never heard of a married man leaving his wife for his mistress. Dave thinks it was just a pick up line, and she was played by him.

Greg thinks he won’t leave his wife either and that’s just from the little info we got in her letter.

Callers were all over place with advice and warnings, but the one quality they can agree on is this guy probably won’t stay faithful even if he does leave his wife.

An agreed consensus, this married man won’t leave his wife. What do you think?

If you are in need of some advice, email Corey at Foley@thebullhouston.com


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