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‘Kat Mama’ Helps You Pick, Decorate Pumpkins For ‘Little Punkins’

"Baby Vincent" (Photo Credit: Kat Cortez/CBS Radio Houston)

“Baby Vincent” (Photo Credit: Kat Cortez/CBS Radio Houston)

So, you still haven’t made it out to get a pumpkin for your “Little Punkins'”? No worries!

My family and I took my 11-year-old daughter, Enjoli and her baby cousin “Baby Vincent”, “Pumpkin Hunting” On Tuesday.

We headed to our local church’s’ pumpkin patch and saw plenty of wonderful pumpkins to be had. As you can see from the photo, Enjoli and I found our pumpkins in no time at all!

(Photo Credit: Kat Cortez/CBS Radio Houston)

(Photo Credit: Kat Cortez/CBS Radio Houston)

Our “Baby Vincent”, promptly chose a pumpkin that stood almost as tall, if not taller, then he stands! He’s got ambition baby!

So how do you go about decorating your prized pumpkins?

Well, as a result of getting a bit of a late start on our Pumpkin quest, I suggest that you have those pumpkins perform “double duty”. Not only can you use your pumpkin for Halloween, but consider it a great centerpiece or element to your home for Thanksgiving as well. That’s pretty darn clever don’t you think? “Double duty” for your pumpkins!

Check out ways to pull the “perfect pumpkin plan” off  effortlessly!

1. Wash, clean and remove seeds from pumpkins. You want to make sure that it is cleaned out thoroughly.

2.Make plans to “decorate”, not carve your pumpkins. Remember… “double duty” are what these pumpkins are for.

3. Get decorative thumbtacks, glitter paint and colored paper for decorative elements. With the thumbtacks, punch in star or leaf designs. Both of those designs will work for both occasions. Insert a candle and “voila”! You have elegant pumpkin decor!

5.Use the glitter paint to either entirely paint your pumpkin silver/gold or just paint on pretty “falling leaves” on the pumpkin for a fall look. Be creative and get those Little Punkins” to help!

6. Lastly, consider creating a kitty cat face and hat for a Halloween theme. Use your own artistic skills and make ears, nose and a Halloween hat. You can always do a search online for a great looking Halloween animal to print out and the kiddos can color it, cut it out and then glue it onto their pumpkin. For your Thanksgiving and fall theme, consider something related to autumn such as falling and changing leaves. Although no candles are needed, cupcakes and candy make for great accessories around your pumpkin!

My family and I are planning to decorate our pumpkins this Halloween-Eve by using all three of these techniques!

(Photo Credit: Kat Cortez/CBS Radio Houston)

(Photo Credit: Kat Cortez/CBS Radio Houston)

Now if you are not happy with your decorated pumpkin, or they don’t turn out perfectly in your eyes, never fear, a back-up plan is near! Most paint and decorations are easily removable off of the pumpkin and you can begin again.

To top of your “Great Pumpkin Adventure”, be sure to serve up plenty of “Ghostie Cupcakes” and “Tombstone Twinkies” to soothe the savage Halloween “beasties” that you have. Happy pumpkin decorating BULL family!

Check out additional tips below!


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