OK. So Halloween is just days away and you have no costume? Well No need to worry. You can still look “ghoul-lishly great” with these last minute ideas!

1. Be A Clown
“Clown around” with some of the older items in your closet. For example, take an over sized shirt and pair it with some plaid pants. If you have time to run to your local thrift store, do so! Find an over sized blazer and pair it with some jeans. Also, if you own a hat, say a cowboy one, wear that as well! The goofier you look the better! This look could also double as a “Hobo” or “The Woman Who Has No Fashion Sense.”

2.Picture Yourself!
One Halloween, I was a hit with a picture frame around my head! Visit a local thrift store or look in your closet for a picture frame that is large enough to go around your head. Then, dress in all one color ( I dressed in black from head to toe for that “dramatic” effect) and viola! There is your costume!

2. “Gypsies In Da House”!
Looking for a great costume and really need to stand out? Consider being a gypsy! Take an old scarf, a flowing skirt and tie your shirt in a knot. Wear some great bracelets, necklaces and you are a wonderful looking gypsy. Once, I took a multi-colored scarf that had purple, red and green in it. The fashion choices were endless. Gypsies do not necessarily have to wear skirts, but you may consider accessorizing your outfit with over sized pieces for fun and dramatic effect.

3. “Bug Out”!
One Halloween, I was in a real pinch. I took my younger brother’s rubber roaches and rodents and taped them to my clothes. I had on jeans and a top and was simply “bugging out”? Get it? For that creepy look, have the plastic rodents going up your leg or arm in a row! If you have no younger siblings, visit your local toy store and hit the rubber roach aisle and have fun!

4. Themed Looks
So for this segment, consider dressing in all black (again… for that dramatic effect) and consider the following:

1. Grab old candy wrapper papers from your garbage, tape them to your self as well as old movie foods like popcorn and snacks or snack wrappers and be a movie floor!

2. I once dressed in all black and taped shot glasses to myself… I was a “shot… in the dark”! Get it?

3. One year I took some yellow tape and placed it in the middle of my body… I was a driving lane!

4.  Get some old letters or old mail, tape it to yourself and be a “bill collector”! Everyday Looks Can Be Costumes!

5. Escaped Prisoner! I bet you thought you would never use those handcuffs for anything else than what you use… them for… OK! Back to Halloween! So be an escaped prisoner! Cuff yourself with one of those cuffs, grab a denim shirt, some denim pants and be an escaped prisoner! Shag your hair so that it looks unkempt and boom! There you are, an escaped prisoner. Folks at your party will beg for your mugshot!

6. Everyday purpose Items Make For Great Costumes! Use the items that you have around your home and use everyday for a Halloween look. For example, if you visit the gym, then put on your weight lifting gloves, Stuff cotton in your shirt to “show your muscles” and be a “gym rat”. Do you love to bicycle? Grab your water bottle, biking shorts and fanny pack and be a biker! Are you a chef and have the apron to prove it? Then turn that into a Halloween costume! Chances are you have the perfect costume right inside of your home and in a pinch, you can look fantastic with some creativity and imagination!

Take a humorous look at ideas and… Happy Halloween!


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