(Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

I was on Facebook yesterday when my newsfeed refreshed. My friend “Jeff” had posted a picture of his wife in the kitchen after he had come home from work. But this wasn’t any normal kind of picture. It was a photo of her in just an apron and a thong making dinner. I think it was pork.

The reaction on his comment wall was immediate and swift. The consensus was pretty much, “Dude! What are you thinking?!?” Ladies, would you be furious if your man posted this picture of you on Facebook? Is this oversharing? Or would you laugh it off as Jeff’s wife seemed to? I’m assuming she did. They’re still living under the same roof as of this morning.

Here’s what Jeff shared on his post with the picture…

“Walked into the house from the studio to find [redacted] making dinner in this outfit.  Considering my wife’s last name before we were married was White… all I could think of was “[redacted], the other White meat… it’s what’s for dinner!”   and Yes… those are PORK ribs and the BUNS look perfectly prepared!”

Scroll down and take a look at the picture (I had to edit it a bit for obvious reasons ) and then take our Foley & Thunder Poll.

jeffs wife in kitchen moreblur Ladies, Would You Be Furious If Your Hubby Posted This On Facebook?

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