Winter Storm Update: School Closures

Dear Diary,

I am super-excited for the weekend. We have so much going on and all of it is great. However, there was a dark spot yesterday.

I am a pretty open person and I know I can be very opinionated, but I trust my friends. I trust you until you break it and yesterday, someone crossed the line.

I am not completely sure it is this one individual but all signs point to yes.

This person went and told some lies to the boss. Everything is fine because we cleared it up, but I can’t figure out what the motivation was to try and sell us out.

Oh well. Luckily, we have a great relationship with our boss. But this person has now been removed from the tree of trust.

Jeff and I have date night planned for Saturday night. We tried to do it last weekend, but it didn’t work out. This time I am on a mission. We need some quality time.

I am so excited for the Texans game on Sunday. It is going to be a blast. I am so happy football is back.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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