Men drive women CRAZY in the kitchen.  And we don’t mean because their cooking is so good it turns women into wild, frisky beasts.  I guess this means us men are infuriating. I recall my ex-wife ( the 2nd one) being able to hear me in the kitchen from any room in the house and yell, “What are you doing in there?!” There became an invisible line that formed a perimeter in the kitchen that I couldn’t cross.

At the risk of sounding sexist, a woman should call the shots in the kitchen. But that’s only if the man isn’t the main chef or cook.  Simply put, whoever runs the kitchen has a system. They know where everything goes; how it’s stacked, placed, and set up. I couldn’t even load the dishwasher “right”. “Okay, I’ll just sit out here in the den. Bring me a sandwich please.”

According to a new survey, here are the top 10 things men do in the kitchen that irritate women the most . . .

1.  Making a mess when he’s cooking.

2.  Not helping with the dishes even when YOU cooked.

3.  Offering cooking advice like a backseat driver.

4.  Watching over your shoulder while you’re cooking.

5.  Adding ingredients and interfering behind your back.

6.  When he’s secretly a better cook than you are.

7.  His cooking tastes awful.

8.  He takes too long to make things.

9.  Posting photos of meals he cooks on Facebook.

10.  Hogging the kitchen and refusing to let you cook.

(Daily Mail)

foleythunder posts Ten Things Men Do In The Kitchen That Drive Women Crazy

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